Past Issue

Title Some Breeding and Ecological Aspects of Eurasian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Subject Zoology
Author(s) Patel Haresh G.
Country India
Title A Two-Way Generalisation of the Chow Test Under Dependent Errors
Subject Statistics-Economics
Author(s) Jagabandhu Saha
Country India
Title Saundaryalakshi Nitivaad: Paschatya ane Bharatiya Kalamimanskona Sandarbhma Navalram Pandyano Kalavichar
Subject Tatvgnan
Author(s) Dr. Dyuti Yajnik
Country India
Title Semi Strong form of Efficiency of stock market: A Review of Literature
Subject Management
Author(s) Dr. Kinjal Jethwani and Kumar Ramchandani
Country India
Title Gujarat Rajyani Dairyoni Tulanae Panchmahalni Panchamrut Dairy nu Dudh Utpadan ane Vastuona Vechan no Tulnatmak Abhyas
Subject Economics
Author(s) Ishwarsingh S. Rajpurohit
Country India
Title Job Factors and Job Satisfaction of Employees of Match Works Industry- A Relationship Study
Subject Commerce
Author(s) Mr. G. Paramaguru and Dr. A. Joseph Xavier
Country India
Title A Comparative analysis of the major stock market indices of BRICS Countries
Subject Management
Author(s) Krunal Maheta
Country India
Title Uttar Gujarat Nu Devi Sthanak Unjha ane tenu Shilp Sthapatya
Subject Indian Culture
Author(s) Dr. Vanrajsinh Chavada
Country India
Title RFID Technology its Applications and Classification of Security Attacks
Subject Computer Science
Author(s) Devendra G. Pandey
Country India