Past Issue

Title The Study of Refractive Status among School Children
Subject Optometry
Author(s) Keyur N Sharma and Heema Patel
Country India
Title Awareness towards Inclusive Education and Challenges Faced By Teachers in Teaching Children with Special Needs
Subject Education
Author(s) Shabir Ahmad Para
Country India
Title Modern Mystic Poets: Ravindranath Tagore"s Eternal v/s. W.B. Yeats"s Ethereal
Subject English Literature
Author(s) Dr. Preeti Oza
Country India
Title A fundamental study on Evolution of Internet banking and its challenges in India
Subject Management
Author(s) Dr. Jyoti U. Rajyaguru
Country India
Title Ruskin Bond - A Mysterious Ghost Story Writer
Subject English Literature
Author(s) Dhimant Soni
Country India
Title An Exploratory study on Need for Modern Marketing Management Practices by the libraries: Theory, Concepts and Implications
Subject Library Science
Author(s) Vaghela Ajitsingh B.
Country India
Title Hypno-Reiki a Tool to Boost Student Performance
Subject Alternate Healing, Holistic Health
Author(s) Hervez R Bharucha and Zinnia H Bharucha
Country India
Title Understanding Climate Change through the Eyes of Literature
Subject English Literature
Author(s) Dr. Radhakrishnan Pujara
Country India
Title Issues of Homeless People- A case of Surat City
Subject Sociology
Author(s) Dr. Usha Makwana
Country India
Title Impact of Financial Leverage on the Financial Performance of Auto Parts & Equipment Industry
Subject Commerce
Author(s) Dr. Jigar O. Aggarwal
Country India
Title Satire Presented in the Story The Overcoat
Subject Literature
Author(s) Dr. Nilesh P. Sathvara
Country India
Title Film as a Narrative
Subject Literature
Author(s) Dr. Sujit Tripathi
Country India