Past Issue

Title Assessment of Lake Water Quality by Using Palmer’s Pollution Genus Index in Manipur Lake, District Ahmedabad
Subject Science
Author(s) Nilesh R. Mulia, Dr. Nikesh G. Kotadiya & Deep D. Patel
Country India
Title Forecasting of Stock Market Indices Using Artificial Neural Network
Subject Management
Author(s) Dr. Jay Desai and Dr. Nisarg A Joshi
Country India
Title Drivers" Profile of Darjiling, West Bengal: A Cross Sectional Study
Subject Geography
Author(s) Jayatra Mandal, Puspita Sengupta and Nupur Ghosh
Country India
Title Utpadak Pashu Taiyar Karvama Krutrim Bijdan
Subject Economics
Author(s) Zala Hathisang C
Country India
Title Clustering on The Basis of Regression Equations Under Heteroscedastic Errors
Subject Economics
Author(s) Jagabandhu Saha
Country India
Title Insight into the Role of Women in the Novel Roots and Shadows of Shashi Deshpande
Subject English
Author(s) Dr. Chhayabahen Narayanbhai Vankar
Country India
Title Study of Corelation of Plankton Diversity with Physico-Chemical Parameters of Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad City
Subject Zoology
Author(s) Rajeev S. Hardikar
Country India
Title Analysis on impact of Automation in Remote IT Infrastructure Management (RIM) Services in India
Subject Management
Author(s) Dr. Gaurav Lodha and Gaurav Nigam
Country India