Past Issue

Title Adjustment Problems of Higher and Lower Achievers Secondary School Students in Relation to Certain Variables
Subject Education
Author(s) Dr. Hitesh. P. Patel
Country India
Title Demonetization and its Impact on Indian Economy
Subject Management
Author(s) Garima Tiwari
Country India
Title A Study on Consumer Perceptions towards Adoption of 4G Technology
Subject Management
Author(s) Rupal K. Khambhati
Country India
Title Role of Reserve Bank of India for Banking Reforms in India
Subject Law
Author(s) Dr. Dimpal T Raval
Country India
Title Impact of Demonetization of Currency on Society: A Sociological Study (with reference to Nadiad town and Kanjoda Village)
Subject Sociology
Author(s) Dr. Kalpana Makwana
Country India
Title Effective Customer Relationship Management: A Key to Success for Banks
Subject Management
Author(s) Dr. Gaurav Lodha and Gyanesh Vyas
Country India
Title Shri Swaminarayan Ka Vishishtadwet Siddant aur Ishwarvad: Ramanujacharya ke Chintan se Bhinnta aur paschatya Ishwarvadi Siddanto Se Tulna
Subject Philosophy
Author(s) Dr. Dyuti Jayendrakumar Yajnik
Country India
Title Comparison of Two Daffodils: A Study of Perceptual Cognition of William Wordsworth and Robert Herrick
Subject English
Author(s) Dr. Sagar Sureshbhai Vyas
Country India