Past Issue

Title Service Innovation in selected Firms with reference to Indian Telecommunication Industry for Sustainability
Subject Management
Author(s) Mr. Ashwin A. Santoki and Mrs. Roma Thomas
Country India
Title A Study of Existentialism in Anita Desai’s In Custody
Subject English
Author(s) Sapna Desai
Country India
Title Clustering on The Basis of Regression Equations Under Heteroscedastic Errors
Subject Economics
Author(s) Jagabandhu Saha
Country India
Title Estimation of Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC) of Female Domestic Workers: A Case Study of Surat City
Subject Commerce
Author(s) Zankhana Parmar
Country India
Title Green Chemistry: The Importance and Impact of Pollution Free Renewable Energy
Subject Chemistry
Author(s) Mr. P.V. Upadhyay
Country India
Title Library user’s preferences towards Digital Libraries and Virtual Libraries in Jaipur City
Subject Library Science
Author(s) Mahendra Singh Rao
Country India
Title Micro Finance as a Tool for Financial Inclusion & Reduction of Poverty
Subject Management
Author(s) Prof. Nilesh Patel and Dr Akash Patel
Country India
Title Indian Rural Market and Novel Strategies of Marketing
Subject Management
Author(s) Dr. Gaurav Lodha and Gyanesh Vyas
Country India
Title RFID Technology based on Cloud Computing
Subject Computer Science
Author(s) Devendra G. Pandey & Dr. S K Yadav
Country India