Past Issue

Title Emerging Technologies
Subject Technology
Author(s) Pravinbhai Savaliya
Country India
Title Rethinking the Indian Education System which is Shown by Swami Dayananda in His Theory of Education
Subject Philosophy
Author(s) Dr. Dyuti Yajnik
Country India
Title Prevalence of Workplace Violence, Stress among Workers and Facilities available in the Industries of District Una, Himachal Pradesh, India
Subject Public Health
Author(s) Ankita Thakur, H.S.Chauhan, N.L.Gupta, Indu Bala, Sindhu Bharti & Suresh Kumar
Country India
Title National Development through Social Awareness - Role of Colleges
Subject Education
Author(s) Prin. Dr. Rashmiben P. Mehta
Country India
Title Cash to Cashless Economy: Shifting Paradigms
Subject Commerce
Author(s) Arshiya Goyal and Dr. Ruchi Jain
Country India
Title Narmadashankar Devshankar Mahetae Kareli Dharm Angeni Vibhavana
Subject Philosophy
Author(s) Ishan M. Solanki
Country India
Title Violation of Human Rights for the Rohingyas and the Issue of Tolerance
Subject Human Rights
Author(s) Dr. Neeraj Tiwari
Country India
Title Scattering of Electron and Photon from Excited Metastable He (23S) Atoms and Study of Energy Variation of Inelastic TCS
Subject Physics
Author(s) Sanjay D Jhala
Country India
Title Rorty"s postmodern stance on the idea of representation: rejection of the entire project of realism
Subject Literature
Author(s) Dr. R K Bharvad
Country India
Title Examining Day Wise Volatility of Gold Prices in India
Subject Management
Author(s) Ms. Juhi Amitkumar Merai
Country India
Title Review Paper introducing E-commerce, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition to recommend the product
Subject Computer Science
Author(s) Bhrantav Vora, Dr. N J Patel, Dr. N N Jani & Girish Dave
Country India
Title Career Planning
Subject Human Resource Management
Author(s) Minakshi Soni
Country India
Title A study on relationship between Market Price & Earnings per Share with reference to selected companies
Subject Commerce
Author(s) Dr. Harshad Vataliya
Country India
Title Current status of Avifauna of three wetlands around Ahmadabad, Gujarat
Subject Zoology
Author(s) Dhaval K. Vaghela, Linz buoy George, Pranav Trivedi and Kalpesh Anjaria
Country India