Past Issue

Title Commercialization of education: A comparative study of infrastructure of government and private primary schools in Bihar
Subject Education
Author(s) Nargish Bano and Nurul Hoda
Country India
Title The Impacts of Gulf Migration on Kerala Economy: Some Recent Evidences
Subject Economics
Author(s) Dr. Shiby M Thomas
Country India
Title The Study of Growth Analysis of ITC Ltd and Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Subject Management
Author(s) Mr. Pankil Solanki
Country India
Title Sanskrit Sahitya Na Mahan Natyakar Mahakavi Bhaas
Subject Literature
Author(s) Mitaben M. Vyas
Country India
Title Comparative Analysis, Design and Simulation Results for Dynamic Scheduling Policy for Multiprocessor System
Subject Computer Science
Author(s) Mr.Nilesh L Jadav and Dr. Vyas Dhaval Shashikant
Country India
Title Khangi ane Sarkari Shala ma Nokari Karta Shikshako na Karya Santosh no Abhyas
Subject Psychology
Author(s) Heena S. Joshi
Country India
Title Priority Sector Advances & Profitability- A case of Indian Banking Industry
Subject Management
Author(s) Dr. Kinjal Jethwani and Dr. Kinjal Jethwani
Country India
Title Marketing strategy and its influence on listing Price with reference to Indian IPO capital market
Subject Management
Author(s) Bhavik.P.Parmar and Devangi B. Variya
Country India
Title Corporate Sector Initiatives towards Green Marketing: A Study in Indian Context
Subject Commerce
Author(s) Nanda Pawan Bothra
Country India
Title An Analytical Study of Impact of Organisation Culture on Contemporary Marketing Practices in Technology Enabled Firms in India
Subject Management
Author(s) Dr. Manojkumar B. Vanara
Country India
Title Bharat ma Ujavata Vividh Vrat ane Upasana tatha Bharatiyo ni Astha
Subject Indian Culture
Author(s) Dr. Vanrajsinh Chavada
Country India
Title Writing Success Story by Effective Knowledge Management
Subject Management
Author(s) Dr. Gaurav Lodha
Country India
Title Impact of customer satisfaction and trust on customer loyalty : A study on organized retail in Gujarat
Subject Management
Author(s) Dr. J. M. Badiyani
Country India